Friday, October 23, 2009

New Pin In Club Penguin Cheat- 4th Anniversary Pin!

There is a new pin in Club Penguin! It's a 4th Anniversary Pin.

To find the 4th Anniversary Pin:

1. Open your map and go to the Plaza.
2. Enter the Underground Pool.
3. Go into the Boiler Room.
4. Find and click on the 4th Anniversary pin.

What are ya waiting for? Go get the new pin!



  1. WOW i think they did really good to put that pin and thats a rare item too be sure to get it penguins!!

  2. it is going to be green,blue and purple

  3. that looks super cool and do you think gary will be at the anniversary party????

  4. Do you think that is what colours the hat will be?

    Your Friend


  5. hey cena the dark clouds are at snow forts, plaza, town,beach,and the dock.
    -Di Master
    welcome for the tips

  6. btw cena there are more storm clouds in club penguin!
    They are most likely to be here for halloween! I can't wait till the 4th anniversary of club penguin!!!!!!!

  7. i love pins by the way why does it s Pin Cheats also can i be in the coming soon partfor you crew plz.:)

  8. dude! rockin halloween banner! did u make that?

  9. How come the pins page etc is updated but The Clothing catalog cheats are for june/july 09 every time I look!?