Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cena12121 Talks about the "Great Snow Maze"! Plus, Exclusive Sneak Peek!

On November 27, Club Penguin is making a snow maze in the Ski Village to celebrate the winter season! Here is a sneak peek for the Great Snow Maze:

This is what the Penguin Times newspaper had to say about the event, "Rory the construction penguin has been putting his driving skills to the test. Using his Snow Trekker, he's created a new challenge... the Great Snow Maze!"

The Great Snow Maze isn't the only thing coming on November 27. There will also be new sleds, sporting gear, and lots of surprises!

A-a-a-awesome! This sounds like so much fun!



  1. November 27 will be the best day of this year for me

  2. cant wait intill this happens

  3. oooo Yeah! We really need another frigin game on club penguin naaaaaaaaaaa just kidding! i think ittel be cooooooooooool!