Friday, November 27, 2009

Club Penguin Catchin' Waves Cheats - Catchin' Waves Guides - Ultimate Catchin' Waves Tutorial!

Catchin' Waves is a Club Penguin surf game. Its popular all-year round, but mostly during the Summer. In this game, your penguin faces water surfing competitions, performing tricks, and collecting points on the way! Here, I've created a cheat guide, and tutorial for the Catchin' Waves game!


1) Starting The Game
2) Instructions
- Movement Basics
- Jump Basics
- Tricks
- Spin Moves
- Shooting The Tube
3) Surfboards

Starting The Game:

Step 1: Open your map, and go to the Cove.
Step 2: Click on the Surf Hut.

Step 3: You are now on the Catchin' Waves start page. Click, "START".

Step 4: Choose a surf mode: Surf Lesson, Freestyle, Competition, or Survival mode.


Instructions: Movement Basics

- Lean forward and back by moving the mouse right and left. Example:

- Steer up and down by moving the mouse up and down. Example:

- Lean forward and steer down to gain speed and keep ahead of the wave. The further the cursor is away from your penguin, the faster he or she will go.

- If you start losing balance, lean back and hold the mouse button down. Example:

Instructions: Jump Basics

- Move the mouse above the wave to do a jump. Example:

- While in mid air, make circular motions with the mouse to perform a flip. Example:

- The more circular motions you make, the more flips you will perform and the more points you will earn. Example:

- Make sure to keep the mouse on the screen while performing a flip.

- To balance your penguin while in mid air, click the mouse button and hold it down. Example:

- Holding down the mouse button can be helpful when landing a flip. Example:

- Hold down the mouse button when your penguin lands on the wave to make him or her grind across the top of it. Example:

Instructions: Tricks

- Tricks can be performed by pressing either the W, A, S, D keys or they arrow keys while your penguin is still surfing. Example:

- Try pressing different combinations of keys to perform more advanced tricks. Example:

Instructions: Spin Moves

- Spin moves are performed by pressing the W, A, S, D keys or the arrow keys while your penguin is in mid air. Example:

- You can still do flips while performing a spin move, but you must land on the wave perfectly to avoid wiping out. Example:

Instructions: Shooting The Tube

- Surf very close to the curl of the wave to gain points by shooting the tube.

- Don't get too close to the wave or you'll end up wiping out!


In the game Catchin' Waves, there are 3 surfs board you can buy for your penguin and play with them in the game. They are the Silver Surfboard, Daisy Surfboard, and the Flame Surfboard.

Here is how to buy these surfboards.

Step 1. Open your map and go to the Cove.
Step 2. Click on the "Catchin' Waves Game Upgrade" catalog.

To get the secret Silver Surfboard, open the "Catchin' Waves Game Upgrade" catalog and click on the word "WAVES".

To play Catchin' Waves with your surfboard. Put your surfboard on your penguin and play the game; it's that simple.

You have now mastered the game of Catchin' Waves! Now grab a surfboard and go practice and build your skills!



  1. my favorite move is when you break dance on the board, to do it you press down then right.

  2. Question: Is Catchin' Waves your favorite Club Penguin game?

  3. Can you make a guide on making animations.


  4. my favourite game is card-jitsu fire and card-jitsu

  5. guess what my high scoor was 6060 and i got 706 coins

  6. My fav trick is when you jump in the air, click the left arrow and right arrow together at the same time, do as many fips as possible, and grind till you can't anymore.

  7. Catchin' Waves is TOTALLY my favorite game on Club Penguin. It's also fun to play with your red puffle because they can give you points too (normally a small portion, such as 1,2, or 3 at a time)! And, when you and your red puffle are surfing together, it looks really cool!

  8. please, can you make me a membership.? yeah i wanna be a volunteer of becoming the crew of CP cheats!!! thanks

  9. Catchin' Waves is the best mini-game EVER. I have earned over 750 THOUSAND coins in the past 13months by playing NOTHINGbut Catchin' Waves.

  10. That helped a lot! Thx! I used to suck at surfing, but now it seems so easy for me!

  11. oh..i made it thank you cena !!! :D

  12. it really helped but my fav game is pufflescape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  13. guess what? one time i was normally dancing on my surf board! i forgot how to do it, but i was dancing the whole time!

  14. press d over and over alot and you will get 1 coin per press

  15. I Really Like This Game :3