Friday, November 27, 2009

New Club Penguin Snow And Sports Catalog Cheats: November - March Issue!

Here are the hidden items cheats for the November - March Snow and Sports catalog.

To find the Green Hockey Jersey:

1. Go to page 1.
2. Click on the green penguin.

To find the Green Goalie Gear:

1. Go to page 3.
2. Click on the lime green penguin.

To find the White Pom-Poms:

1. Go to page 5.
2. Click the word "ICE".

That's all for now. If you find anymore, make sure to comment and tell me!



  1. Awsome christmas music too!

  2. Free item at Ski Hill! Give me credit!


  3. Hey, this is an odd question but what server where you on to look at the catolog. Everytime I try to look at it, the screen goes gray, You know it gets darker when you look at one of the catologs. I cant do anything! Can you help?

  4. Ive already bought most of the items in there ecept the dresses,red team stuff,and rescue squead

  5. man i wish i still have my membership