Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Screenhog Talks About The Making Of Card-Jitsu Fire!

Look at this new sneak peek for the Card-Jitsu Fire game:

It's cool how the mats are floating on the magma, right?!

Club Penguin moderator, Screenhog, has even gave us more news about Card-Jitsu Fire, and the making of the game! He said...

"You might not know, but multiplayer games are pretty complicated to make. Only one other game in Club Penguin supports 4 players - Sled Racing. Up to 4 ninjas will be able to play together in Card-Jitsu Fire and the team's been working really, really hard to get it ready. Since the new game starts next week, I wanted to try and cover a few things you've asked about:

· Card-Jitsu Fire isn't just about new cards. It's a whole new way of using all your cards in a Fire Ninja setting.

· You'll be using the cards you have already collected. But it's not just Fire cards - you'll be able to master the element of fire but you'll have to use all the elements to do so."
Remember, Card-Jitsu Fire will be out on November 24! That's next next Tuesday. Hmmm, that's kinda weird how it will come out Tuesday. Club Penguin never releases anything Tuesdays.

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