Monday, December 21, 2009

Cena12121 Reviews Card-Jitsu Fire!

Ya'll know that you can buy Card-Jitsu cards in stores, right? Now, you can buy Card-Jitsu Fire cards! I'm going to give you an exclusive tour on the newly released Card-Jitsu Fire and Card-Jitsu card games!

Card-Jitsu Fire Single Blister Pack:

This pack comes with 6 Game Cards, 1 Power Card, 1 "Customize Your Penguin" Card, 1 "Customize Your Penguin" Sticker Sheet, and 1 Code Card! Here's some pictures I took while opening the Card-Jitsu Fire Single Blister Pack!

Card-Jitsu Fire Double Wide Blister Pack:

This comes with 2 decks of Card-Jitsu cards—and each deck comes with 6 Game Cards, a total of 12 Game Cards! Plus, 2 Power Cards, 2 "Customize Your Penguin" Game Cards, 2 "Customize Your Penguin" Sticker Sheets, 2 Code Cards, and a very special Pop-Up Card... WOW!

Card-Jitsu Fire Value Deck:

In this Card-Jitsu Fire box, there is 18 Game Cards, 3 Foil Power Cards, 2 "Customize Your Penguin" Game Cards, 2 "Customize Your Penguin" Sticker Sheets, and 2 Code Cards! Here's a picture I took while opening the Card-Jitsu Fire Value Deck:

Card-Jitsu Sensei Collector Tin (Holiday '09):

If you need both—Card-Jitsu Series 2 cards and Card-Jitsu Fire cards, you have to get this collector tin! In this Sensei Collector Tin, it contains 4 Single Blister Packs from Card-Jitsu Series 2 cards, 4 Blister Packs from Card-Jitsu Fire, and 1 checklist poster!

These are some of my personal highlights from the Sensei Collector Tin:

  • The tin for this collector set is awesome! It's shaped as a penguin!
  • Great design on this tin—it's 3D!
  • Very organized from the inside.
  • I like how it contains a variety of cards.
  • The checklist poster is very convenient to keep track of what cards you have.

Card-Jitsu Fire Holiday '09 Collector Tins:

There are 4 different tins for the Card-Jitsu Fire Holiday '09 Collector Tins. Here's a picture of each one. These three tins are available at Target, Wal-Mart, Toys “R” Us and other retailers!

This tin is only available at Toys “R” Us.

This is the ultimate Card-Jitsu Fire collectors item! It haves almost all of the Card-Jitsu Fire cards. In each Card-Jitsu Fire Holiday '09 Collector Tins, they contain 25 Game Cards, 4 Power Cards, 3 "Customize Your Penguin" Cards, 3 "Customize Your Penguin" Sticker Sheets, 4 Code Cards, and 1 checklist poster!

Unlock Card-Jitsu Online:

In every pack of Card-Jitsu toys, there is a special card that comes with a code! You can enter the code on and unlock the cards you have in that pack into your penguin's online card collection! Here is how to unlock the code.

1. Go to
2. Click the 'Play Now' button.
3. Click the 'Unlock Items Online' button.
4. Click 'I have a code'
5. Enter your code that you see on the Card-Jitsu card.
6. Now, click 'Done'.

You have now successfully unlocked a Card-Jitsu code!

New Card-Jitsu Fire Power Cards:

In each Card-Jitsu pack that you get, there is a Power Card in it. Power Cards have a very high number, which is very useful when playing Card-Jitsu Fire online. There are brand new Card-Jitsu Fire Power Cards with new drawings! Also, these cards have very cool features. They are foil cards—which makes them very shiny!

New "Customize Your Penguin" Game Cards & Sticker Sheets:

In every pack of Card-Jitsu, there is a "Customize Your Penguin" card. This is a penguin that has no items/clothing on him. Also in your Card-Jitsu pack, you get a sticker sheet. Each sticker in your deck will have a clothing item. You can collect 12 sticker sheets. You can get the sticker and put in on your Customize Your Penguin card. Now you've created your own penguin card! How cool is that?!

Card-Jitsu Golden Cards:

These cards are very useful for your penguin—which makes them rare! This card is called the Golden Card. If your still on your way on becoming a ninja, this card lets you can skip belt levels! If you are still in the progress of becoming a Fire Ninja, the Golden Code Card allows you to jump 1 level and attain ninja status even faster! It is very hard to get this special card in your deck. You have a 1 in 18 chance of having it in your pack.

Get These Cards For Your-Self!

What are you waiting for?! Card-Jitsu Fire is available now at Target, Wal-Mart, Toys “R” Us and other retailers! Here is a full list of the locations of these products.

Card-Jitsu Fire Single Blister Pack: Available at Target, Wal-Mart, Toys “R” Us and other retailers.
Card-Jitsu Fire Double Wide Blister Pack: Only available at Toys “R” Us.
Card-Jitsu Fire Value Deck: Available at Target, Wal-Mart, Toys “R” Us and other retailers.
Card-Jitsu Sensei Collector Tin (Holiday '09): Only available at Toys “R” Us.
Card-Jitsu Fire Holiday '09 Collector Tins: Available at Target, Wal-Mart, Toys “R” Us and other retailers.

For more information on Card-Jitsu Fire cards, Click Here!



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  3. cena im getting the fire booster deck 4 christmas and i am now a fire ninja plz add me

  4. I like Card-Jitsu fire, its really cool! I'm not allowed the CP toys or anything though so I don't own any cards in real life. But I don't mind that much ;)

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  14. I got one of everything. YOUR SITE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! I have benn looking for one more tin, but I didn't know it was at Toys R' Us! I am also following you on Twitter.



  17. (read your tweet, I'm @Skater1405 on Twitter)

    Yeah, I want Card-Jitsu Fire toys for Christmas. I bought three packs...I usually purchase 5+ codes for each Card-Jitsu Series to get a good deck.

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  23. wow that is awsom The only card i bought were two tin. ps. my penguin name is leepoy123, and in twitter is leepoylvx

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  25. i want card jitsu codes too xD

  26. I have 3 Sensei collecter tins and all the cards except the Firefighter one with the puffle .

  27. hey cena you can also buy club penguin tins at tesco in the uk

  28. hey cena you can also buy club penguin tins at tesco in the uk

  29. Hi guys,

    I live in London & my nephew has asked me to send him "Single Blister Pack Set 2"

    Can anyone please help me in where I can purchase it, whether online or a toy store in London?

    If someone can provide me with the online link to buy it I'll be very grateful

  30. i just got my first double pack and i got a gold card but the problem is that im already a ninja and fire ninja and i got one more item to be a water ninja, will it bump me up to be a water ninja? -mattie599