Thursday, December 10, 2009

Club Penguin Coins For Change - Cheats - Guides - History - And More!


- Coins For Change 2007
- Coins For Change 2008
- Coins For Change 2009


Every year since 2007, Club Penguin has been doing a donation program called, Coins For Change. This is how it works-when ever Club Penguin is doing the Coins For Change program (usually during the winter), they would set up little donation stations on the Club Penguin island. At these stations, you would donate your virtual coins to three(3) causes. Every year, Club Penguin will have 3 different real world causes to choose from. For example: In the 2008 Coins For Change, we had to choice 1 out of the 3 causes to donate to:

  • Kids who are sick
  • Kids who are poor and cannot go to school
  • Kids without parents or who have been hurt by war

Once you've decided on which cause you want to donate to, you would give some of your virtual coins to that cause.

These coins served as votes to determine how Club Penguin will divide real $1 million to these organization.


Coins For Change 2007:

This was Club Penguin's first annual Coins For Change! All the penguins on the island where so excited and curious to find out how they would help the world and kids just like them. Once the event came out on December 14, 2007, all the penguins found out what Coins For Change was. In 2007, we had these causes to choose from:

This was how the 1 million dollars was donated to the causes:

Also in Coins for Change 2007, if you donated, you would have gotten a special letter added in your inventory!

After the event was over, Club Penguin said that it was a great success and that Coins for Change will be returning next year!

Coins For Change 2008:

Everyone was thrilled when Coins for Change was returning! A lot of the new penguins were excited too-this will be their first year having Coins For Change.

In 2008, Club Penguin picked two(2) new causes to vote for. They where, kids who are poor and cannot go to school, and kids without parents or hurt by war. The last causes was kids who are sick.

This was how the 1 million dollars was donated to the causes:

Also in Coins for Change 2008, if you donated, you got a special postcard!

Coins For Change 2009
Coming Soon...

You can now see what a big change Club Penguin does to the world. It isn't just a online virtual world, but it is effecting the offline real world. Club Penguin also does a lot of other projects to help other people, not just Coins for Change.

Question: Had you ever participated in Coins For Change? If so, what year? Post me a comment with your answer.




  2. AWESOME HISTORY POST! :) I thknk deleted my postcard by mistake. o well, cant wait till tomorrow!! :D


  3. Yeah, I remember the very first Coins for change. People really didnt know what to do and Coins for Change parties were new and popular. Yes, that was a good time.

  4. Great page, Cena. :)


  5. ha cena i have in 2007 i wasent a member so i donated all my coina i donated 12,000 coins!

  6. Yes! Last year i donated 50000 coins for all three choices!

  7. Its soo nice to see Penguins sharing! :)

    P.S. How can I e-mail you? I have some questions....

  8. i donated 30,500 coins yesterday. im gonna try for another 29,500.

  9. i have gave 150 coins but im poor srry if i had more coins i would have gave about 10 000 coins i spent it on the halloween contest and i lost so no more money

  10. this year i donated 50 to each cause and last year i don't remember what i did but i did do something.
    this was such a good post! thank u!

  11. i was sad for all the people who are sick poor and the enviorment so i donated 2million dollars.

    Ps:I spent over 200 hours of getting coins.

  12. kids who are sick and im going to donate for all causes

  13. hey i rember coins for change 2008 and 2009! I have the post cards for both :)