Sunday, December 20, 2009

Free Elite Penguin Force Collector's Edition DS Set and a Nintendo DS Give Away!

We are having the biggest Club Penguin giving away in history-literally! I'm giving away a Elite Penguin Force Collector's Edition and a Nintendo DS Lite! Here's a better explanation about the prizes.

Nintendo DS Lite Metallic Silver

Nintendo DS revolutionizes handheld gameplay. With two ultra bright screens, 3D graphics, touch-screen technology and wireless communication, you can challenge yourself or your friends anywhere, anytime. We are giving away a Metallic Silver colored Nintendo DS.

Elite Penguin Force DS Game - Collector's Edition

You have to buy games for the Nintendo DS to play-and Club Penguin has a game for the Nintendo DS! It's called "Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force". Elite Penguin Force is a select group of highly talented Club Penguin secret agents who solve the toughest, most puzzling mysteries. Led by the 'Director' and assisted by uniquely trained elite puffles.

In this game you become a Elite Agent. Not a Secret Agent, a ELITE Agent! You get to solve never before seen missions like figuring out what happened to “G”, the gadget guy that went missing and lots more. You can also play never before seen mini games. Like "Snow Trekker", "Snowboarding", "Dance Challenge" and other known Club Penguin mini games.

We are not just giving away the Elite Penguin Force game, we are giving away the Elite Penguin Force COLLECTOR'S EDITION.

This special Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Collector's Edition for Nintendo DS includes "Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force" for Nintendo DS, an Elite Penguin Force Stylus, an Elite Penguin Force DS skin and a 2,500 Coin Card.

Here's how the Elite Penguin Force skin looks like when you put it on your Nintendo DS.

How to Enter

Entering this give away is very easy and simple. Just follow Cena12121 on Twitter!

You might be asking, what's Twitter? On, you make your own page, and post little updates on what you are currently doing.

On my Twitter page - I post updates on secret projects that I'm working on, give you updates on what I'm doing; when I am on and off the computer, have secret mini Twitter parties on Club Penguin, and I sometimes even give away free Club Penguin prizes to my followers, like right now!

How to follow me on Twitter

Step 1. Go to my twitter page,, and click the 'Join Today!' button.

Step 2. Get your parent's approval, then fill out the form to make your own Twitter account.

Step 3. Now, go to, and click the 'Follow' button.

You are now following me on Twitter - It was that simple!

What Happens After You Follow Me

You have until Wednesday, December 23 to follow me on Twitter. On Thursday, December 24, 2009, I will randomly choose 1 follower to give the prize too. If the follower accepts the prizes, we will mail him/her the Elite Penguin Force Collector's Edition set and the Nintendo DS Lite Metallic Silver. If the person rejects the prize, we will pick another follower. Sound cool?

Question: Are you following me on Twitter yet? Post a comment with your answer.



  1. I AM following you on twitter! :D I can't wait for this, I hope I win!


  2. Yesss only cool ppl follow u i hope i win i never win anything

  3. Yes, I am following u xD

  4. I have been following you on twitter since i found out you had one! (shortly after your account being made) I REALLY WANT THAT STUFF! my old DS broke, I really want the stylus, and the GAME!!! i don't need to explain that. :D

  5. I am already following you AND THIS IS THE BEST ONE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ys i am and i have been for ages!!! Im Marbot by the way!!!

  7. Just follow? Haha nice. You're too generous. :)

    -@Skater1405 on Twitter, Trainman1405 on Club Penguin

  8. Of COURSE I'm following you on Twitter! *Crosses Fingers* Steps over crack, steps beside ladder, avoids mirror, buys rabbits foot, etc. xD!


  9. yes! i can't wait what i will get,and your the best people in the club penguin cheats ever!!

  10. I AM following u!!!!

  11. I followed you on twitter quite a while ago maybe 4 months ago?


  12. WOOT!! I am following you right now. This contest is gonna be AWESOME! Hope I'll WIN!


  13. Hi Cena1212,
    COOL!!! I follow you when you first made twitter!!!
    I hope I win I never had a NitendoDS in my life!!! This is very AWESOME!!! :)
    Well GOOD LUCK to everyone!!!

    Waddle On

  14. I won't have access to a computer then. What if I win?

  15. Hey Cena1212 You Rock I Followed you on twitter You really Rock Dude Evey one Follow Cena1212 On Twitter Now!!!

  16. I am! My club penguin &twitter name is Maxmagic4! I hope I win!

  17. Yes Cena12121 I am following you! Hope I win! ;D


  18. Hey Cena12121,

    im am new for you and you have me see i folling you =)( Me )

    Bye bye


  19. No chat? Never mind. He left ascent

  20. I am following u on twitter and it would be so cool to win because i have always wanted a ds and i love club penguin

  21. yes i am and i am your BIGGEST fan proof my twitter name is TCPCrocks i hope i win!!!!!

  22. yea only cool people would follow you cena. by the way my twitter name is leepoylvx

  23. I am following you on Twitter.
    I hope I win! :D

  24. Hey cena sweet givaway man i hope i win i just now signed up for twitter and guess what the name DiMaster was TAKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! im like :0 WHA??
    SO I PUT DIMasterRocks (stupid!0)

    ~Di Master

  25. parents probably wont let me have a twitter account..... :'(

  26. Coolmario88

    I am following on twitter! :) please choose me i need to win.

  27. Cena I really need a new ds, my ds is brock it doesent work anymore, now i cannot play club penguin elite penguin force anymore

  28. i am followin ya xD

  29. Yes I am following you Cena12121!
    I Hope I Win The Prize!

  30. Yes,I hope i win please pick Allie43590 plz!If you pick me i will be like this :).If you don't i will be like this :(

  31. I think I already am following you,

  32. I think I am following you on twitter.

  33. I'f Followinq Yw OnTwittr iHop iWin BADLY:)

  34. I would like to buy the Nintendo DS, but I have no idea about the difference between 2DS and 3DS and the DS lite?