Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Club Penguin Christmas Party (Holiday Party) 2009 Cheats, Guides, and Extras!

The Club Penguin 2009 Christmas party has arrived, and let me tell you, it is amazing! Since a lot of people around the world play Club Penguin, a lot of them have different religions and some don't celebrate Christmas-so, Club Penguin changed the name of this party! Instead of calling it the Christmas party, it is now called the Holiday party. This is, without no doubt, my favorite party of 2009! Here is all the cheats, guides, and extras you need for the 2009 Christmas party.

Free Item Cheats

To find the free Santa Hat:

Step 1. Open your map and go to the Ski Village.
Step 2. Click on the box of the free Santa hats.

Magic Sleigh Ride Cheats

One of the biggest things that's in the Holiday party is the Santa Sled! You can even get a free prize from it. Here is how it works.

Step 1. Open your map and go to the Town-enter the Dance Club-go upstairs into the Dance Lounge.

Step 2. Enter the door that says "SANTA SLED".

Step 3. Your now in the sled! Wait til the sled takes off the ground.

Step 4. Once your in the air, you need to drop presents off the sled and land them in the igloo's chimneys. To do this, aim for the chimneys and press the red button to release the presents.

Step 5. Keep an eye on the "PRESENTS LEFT TO DELIVER" sign to see how much more presents you have to land in chimneys.

Step 6. Once you've delivered all of your presents, you will receive a free gift! A Santa Suit will appear once you've finished everything. Click on it to get it.

Moving Decorations Cheats

Click on the camera to take a picture.

Click on the items on the table to make them change.

Click on the lamps to turn them on or off.

Go to the Forest and throw a snowball at the tree. The snowball turns into a ornament!

There's also some other stuff that you can click on and that they move. Waddle around the island and see what you can find!

Question: What is your favorite room in the Holiday party? Is this your favorite 2009 part-or your favorite all-time party? Post a comment with your answer.



  1. lol, i didnt think you would see the ornament snowball thing

  2. i will say that i prefer the santa´s sled magic ride because...its magic...

    and its awesome to drop gifts in the chimneys..!!!


  4. Cena My Favorite Room Is The Pizza Parlor and no My favorite party's of 09 were Music Jam,Puffle Party,Penguin Play Awards,and The Festival Of Flight.

    ~Di Master

  5. I agree that this is the best Party for 2009! One of my penguins just past 600 days and the other is almost 1300 =)

  6. cena i went on cp today and i found the the robots from the epf game in the snow at the dojo courtyard,ski village, and ski mountain

  7. hey cena i just met aunt arctic on sever vanilla on the sleigh ride so put up your tracker!!


  8. go to the iceberg and dance with lots of penguins and the tree gets bigger also it might tip the iceberg! if u tip iceberg u get golden puffle! so come on cena to the iceberg!!!!!!!!

  9. cool! i never knew that! cena i added you on twitter and you like tweeting alot! this is my forst time visiting your website! i hope i can come to one of your parties and meet you! you seem like a really awesome penguin!

  10. cena u know the robots from epf i found them on cp

  11. I got a special cheat

    Go to surfs up game

    go to survival

    you will already have 400 points

    quit the game

    you will get 40 coins for free!!!!!

    P.S my name on C P in Ms Isabelle


    Mr Isabelle