Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Club Penguin Newspaper - Issue 220!

Club Penguin's weekly Penguin Times newspaper has just came out. This is the 220 issue of the Penguin Times newspaper.

On page A2, Club Penguin talks and reviews about year 2009.

On page A4, Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic thank everyone for making Coins for Change 2009, an incredibly successful event.

On page A6, the last winners of the Holiday Igloo Decorating contests were revealed! Make sure to go and see if you are a big winner, or a runner up!

This week's "In Focus", they talk about relaxing! If you are a busy penguin, always working around the island, make sure to stop-and learn how to relax. They got some pretty good hints and tips!

Upcoming Events:

January 1 : Payday for Agents and Tour Guides!
January 1 : New Penguin Styles catalog!
January 1 : New pin!
January 8 : "Fairy Fables" play returns to the stage!



  1. Alsome i cant wait intill we get new coths:)I wonder what the new pin is going to be and where it is.

  2. Cool i love your website cena and its my 1st comment

  3. It will change at 3 o clock in the morning

  4. I know why, clubpenguin is not working! It is because of disney! They want to make money so they have been ignoring cluboenguin, and focusing on making people buy their products and memberships! Why do you think their is always a members only room? Because club penguin wants you to get jealous and buy a membership so they can make money!