Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Club Penguin Reviewed By You!

Last week, Club Penguin wanted to know what you're looking forward to most of all in the New Year in Club Penguin! Their favorite comment was by Beuty123456. They said...

What am I looking forward to in the new year? I'll tell you what! I am looking forward to making new friends. Whether it's sipping hot coffee at the Coffee Shop, having snowball fights at the snow fort, or just relaxing in an igloo, friends make everything better! I hope to find great pals this year, and have tons of fun with them! Happy holidays!
Thanks, Beuty123456!

Here's the new Reviewed By You question:

Club Penguin would love to know what's your favorite Stage play - and why!

To answer this Reviewed By You question, Click Here.



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  2. hi cena there is no new pin or catlog in clubpengiun :)

    from liang1872