Friday, December 25, 2009

New Quest For The Golden Puffle Play Cheats - New Costume Trunk Catalog Cheats!

The "Quest For The Golden Puffle" play has returned to the stage! Here are the hidden item cheats for the Costume Trunk.

To find the Crook & Flail:

Step 1. Go to page 2.
Step 2. Click on the golden puffle.

That seems to be all the hidden items. Make sure to check out all the special effects at the play and tell me your favorite part. ;-)



  1. I wish club Penguin would make more new plays! I like this play a lot thought :)

  2. cena! I was watching the disney xmas parade and there was a cp float! It had RH on it with a blue penguin.

  3. why is there only one hidden item?
    anywayz, i like this play a lot!!

  4. cool nice job cena too bad theres only 1 hidden item

  5. how do you open the Christmas present?

  6. cena, help, i just saw a fady penguin with pumpkin for a head and the body color was the exact color of the pumpkin is club penguin haunted

  7. help cena i just saw a fady penguin thing that had a pumpkin head and the body was just like a human's body exept it was the same color os the pumpkin head.HELP it also did something to my penguin's name!