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Welcome to the official site of Team Club Penguin Cheats (T.C.P.C.)! This is the place for Club Penguin cheats, news, alerts, guides, glitches, updates and more! Our site is updated daily with brand new Club Penguin cheats and news.

Our Goal

We want all of our readers to experience a pleasing visit. We try to bring you the fastest Club Penguin news coverage, with easy-to-read posts, so all ages can enjoy. Our team also tries to take this site beyond Club Penguin news-we have contests, giveaways, and fun activities to make this more as a community for Club Penguin players and kids.

Our Team:

Cena12121 (Biography available)
Extreme Ray

Our workers at Team Club Penguin Cheats consists of the top Club Penguin players, blogger, web designers, and web technicians.


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Our site is one of the best Club Penguin cheats site and one of the most visited, with a average of 6-15 thousand visitors a day. On a 'good' day, which is usually Friday, we get an average of 17+ thousand visitors. People of all ages visit this site to get the latest Club Penguin help. Our average readers range from 6 to 15 years old-which makes it our top priority for online safety.