Friday, January 22, 2010

Club Penguin Cave Expedition Cheats - How to Find the Hidden Treasure Cheats!

Our quest to the underground world in Club Penguin has started! The Cave has been opened!

That's not all! We have to do unlock other parts of the cave! There's three levels for this expedition. Here's how to get started.

Getting Started

Step 1. Go to the Underground Mine and get the free Hard Hat.

Step 2. Enter the Cave.

Finding the Hidden Treasure

Once you've entered the Cave, you need to find four pieces that belong to a hidden treasure. Once you find them, you'll unlock the second cave!

To find the Hidden Treasure:

Step 1. Wear only the hard hat on your penguin.

Step 2. Enter the Cave.

Step 3. Drill in the dirt to find the treasures. To drill, just dance.

Step 4. You need to drill in 4 different locations to find the treasure. Here are the locations:

Location Number 1: On the far left of the hole.

Location Number 2: On the upper side of the hole.

Location Number 3: On the bottom side of the hole.

Location Number 4: On the right side of the hole.

Once, you've put all the treasure pieces together, you'll get the Amethyst Pin!

This pin will unlock the other side of the cave! Enter it!

There, you can buy the Deep Sea Diving Suit.

Now, you can enter the ocean! Go into the water and go through the hole. In the ocean, you can pick up a free Coral Reef Background!

Wow, what a quest! I wonder why there is all the gold in the second part of the cave, and who put that broken Aqua Grabber there... any ideas?



  1. OMG Cena!That is so totally cool!Your website is the first I think to post these cheats!

  2. Maybe hebert broke an aqua grabber for his new invention and I think underwater looks really nice I can't wait to see what happens next!

  3. thx for the cheats theres a fire ninja on fjord underwater by the way the suit costs 50 coins

  4. 1st comment woot!!

  5. It's probobly an explorer's ship. It should change some part of the aqua grabber game.

  6. you misted a room

  7. i was told that the the water room is where the windows in the pool are! ps. love your sit. ds eye

  8. do u know whats weird about this? isn't that the same entrance to garys lab at the halloween party at the mine? weird

  9. omg i was playing the auqa grabber and there was a huge squid in the backround i think all of this stuff has to do with herbert because about the time befor the cave thing they said there was ganna be a new mission involving herbert and a sqiud and a puffle and if theres a squid he might have tryed to do somthing UNDERWATER and the aqua grabbers broken he might have sat in it

  10. I went to the underground pool and there are no swimming fish, only bubbles from below!!!

  11. Update the website PLZ!-Lemon Limel