Friday, January 29, 2010

Club Penguin Cave Expedition Closed!

The cave expedition at the Mine has been closed! The Penguin Times says, "...Cave Expedition is being shut down due to safety concerns."

They're basically saying that the cave isn't safe for us to go back in because it might fall down.

So, will we ever go back into the caves again? The answer is yes.... but, we have to wait another month! The Penguin Times says, "Rory will be looking into ways to build a safe entrance to the caves next month."

A month a way too long! I think we should put something into the cave to support the roof and continue our expedition! What do you say? I SAY LET US BACK IN!



  1. Dude hurry up and check out the night club on cp! its different on every server!

  2. Cena i just met u omg omg
    my name is waddle16926
    u rock!!!
    Bye plz post

  3. nooooooooooooooo LET US IN!!

  4. SO not fair I was busy so I never
    got a chance to see the caves anyway! :(