Saturday, January 23, 2010

The 'Giant Squid' Coming To Club Penguin!

I think I've figured out why this Cave expedition is leading to the ocean! I think that a new character is coming to Club Penguin, or there's going to be a Aqua Grabber game update!

The new character is going to be the 'Giant Squid'. If you look in this 2010 upcoming events sneak peek from Billybob, you can see the Giant Squid.

That's not the only places that he's appeared in! Club Penguin has gave us a lot of clues, and I'm here to show all of them to you!

The Giant Squid was spotted in this Club Penguin wallpaper!

In the 223 issue of the newspaper, the Giant Squid was seen in this photo!

In the 222 issue of the newspaper, the Giant Squid's tail was spotted in this photo!

Also in the 222 issue of the newspaper, they even talked about the Giant Squid! And, there's another picture of him too!

The biggest clue is that the Giant Squid has it's own Card-Jitsu card! If you buy Card-Jitsu series 2 card deck, you might have the "Giant Squid" card! Here's how it looks like.

On the card it says, "I'm telling you, the Squid is totally real. I was deep below the Iceberg in the Aqua Grabber on day when it went zipping past me going 'EAAUUUUURGGGGH!'. We need to find it!"

Amazing discoveries, right?! All these clues have to lead somewhere. I think that there's going to be an update in the game, Aqua Grabber. In the update, they might add a new level featuring the Giant Squid!

Do you think the Giant Squid is coming? Do you have any clues that I missed about the Giant Squid? Post a comment and let me know!



  1. Hi Cena12121,

    WOW your totally right Maybe be is a new Feature for the aqua grabber!!! :D :D wow thanks for sharing us this AWESOME Post!!!

    Keep Rocking

    Waddle On

    PS: Can you follow me on Twitter I'm really appreciate!!! :D

  2. Wowzers! Me scared of squid LOL-
    What really caught my eye is the puffle with a ? mark...could it be the one and only GOLDEN puffle???

  3. Wow!! That was very clever. I could never figure that out.


  5. The new character is Rory the construction due!

  6. i have that card. (first comment yay me)

  7. in some missions there is a test aqua grabber maybe we have to use that to find the squid

  8. WOW!buti think theres somthing else in that cave?!And thats the new puffle for 2010!i reakon its brown nd its a builder with a jackhammer!that'll be awsem!!!!!!

    Waddle on!wizyo

  9. wow! GOOD EYE CENA12121! I would have never found that out, i kinda dont really look for squids in CP... guess i betta start doing so ...

  10. i think it is the squid because in the hidden lake there's a broken aqua grabber!!!!!!maybe some one was useing it and the squid attacked!then the aqua graber washed up there!

  11. The squid isn't new its been in CP before i saw it in Hydro-Hopper.

  12. its already out lol sometimes on aqua grabber the screen shakes and you can see it swim in the background it used to make a noise but they got rid of the sound because it scared too many kids ;)

  13. i have seen the giant squid in aqua grabber it followed me everywhere.............scary stuff like
    waddle on and keep rocking

  14. When I was playing aqua grabber i saw a squid.It was asome and scary!
    Guess i saw the squid that the news talked about.

  15. I think that maybey the giant squid will play the role as one of the big guys in Aqua Grabber. I mean like the huge puffer fish, or the clam in the other levels!

  16. The very first pic features Herbert and THE SQUID!!!

  17. i think i know what the puffle is!in the news paper new puffle furniture for the puffle is coming out!if thats it....i hope its not it because my puffles get in bad moods when they play with the furniture.and if thats the squid what would herbert be doing?

  18. hemm strange but now thers a ting at the night club is it leading up to the golden puffel cuse in mission 10 they say about the golden puffel and the night club could the it all end up whith that

  19. on aqua grabber if you go on clam waters and wait near the cave thing a giant squid flys by

  20. i think that theres goin to be a new level of auqua grabber under the iceberg with the squid as the gaurdian

  21. Puffle is orange puffle!

    I RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Name: I am not telling you!

  22. wow
    a lot of comments this is old
    im in 2012 and the gaint squid dont see it. oh about the puffle it was brown. also herbert is more dangerous than ever!!! ;0 and im starting to make cp youtube vids with ton o' info catch ya later!

    waddle on


  23. Hi I think you have a good point I mean that many clues it has to be true!