Friday, January 15, 2010

New Club Penguin Better Igloos Catalog Cheats: January - February 2010 Issue Cheats

Here's the new hidden item cheats for the January - February 2010 Better Igloos catalog!

To find the Portal Box:

1. Go to page 1.
2. Click on the Stone Couch.

To find the HD TV:

1. Go to page 2.
2. Click on the Stone Lamp.

To find the Snowboard Rack:

1. Go to page 3.
2. Click on the Ski Rack.

To find the Nutcracker:

1. Go to page 5.
2. Click on the blue bird.

To find the Small Christmas Tree:

1. Go to page 6.
2. Click on the red bow.

To find the Christmas Lights:

1. Go to page 6.
2. Click on the yellow star.

To find the Coat Rack:

1. Go to page 7.
2. Click on the Modern Chair.

To find the Shoe Rack:

1. Go to page 7.
2. Click on the Large Aquarium.

To find the Wood Stove:

1. Go to page 7.
2. Click on the Coffee Table.

To find the Fire Place:

1. Go to page 9.
2. Click on the upper Snow Tower that's on the right.

To find the Icicles:

1. Go to page 10.
2. Click on the top of the Snow Fortress Wall.




  2. Wow there is so many list of hidden items

  3. Hi Cena! I am only 9 years old and i love all your cheats and ALWAYS love and enjoy to go on your website! I go on it EVERYDAY! Even sometimes befor i leave for school! I also go on club penguin to try out those new cheats! By the way thank you for that coin cheat! I still have coins from it. Your sit ROCKS!

  4. Cena, I love your website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am ten and my mom does not allow me on club penguin alot but whenever i can i go on your websites!


  6. OMG THATS SOOOOOOOOOO HELPFUL.But can you can a easy way to get to your coins cheat coins cheat plz im brocken i need help