Friday, January 8, 2010

New Club Penguin Fairy Fables Play Cheats!

Whoa, Club Penguin seems to be rushing things up! Two weeks ago, the Quest for the Golden Puffle play arrived, and already it's time for a new play! Though this one is one of my favorites! It's the Fairy Fables play! Go now to the stage to check it out!

Here is the new Costume Trunk catalog hidden item cheats.

To find the Silver Wand:

Step 1. Go to page 2.
Step 2. Click on the radio.

What's really special is that is the only play to have it's own book! Take the time to go the Stage and read it!

This play won last year's Penguin Play Awards show, do you think it is going to win this year also? Post a comment with your answer!



  1. Cena you have got to check out the mine it looks like that bear is up to something again it has dirt falling from the walls no joke!

  2. quest for the golden puffle won i think...
    plzz reply and telll me someone

  3. Pah I voted for quest for the golden puffle in all last year. It was just luck that this stupid play won ONE bit.

    - Grumpydrawer

  4. also cena noob check out the mine

    - Grumpydrawer

  5. Hey Cena! Check out the mine! Somethings goin on down there.

  6. Hey Cena! You ming chekin out the mine. Somthins goin on down there.

  7. Hi Cena, this doesn't have anything to do with fairy fables, but in the mine there is a new pile of dirt. I think that it represents whe G got trapped in the mine on EPF. So I think it's another sign of EPF coming.


  8. i like the black t-shirt with the blak puffle on fire!!!awsome:')