Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Club Penguin Newspaper Cheats - Issue #222!

Club Penguin's newest newspaper, issue #222, had just came out! Here's a review of the new newspaper.

On page A2, they talk about the rockslide at the Mine! The newspaper said, "We're not sure yet how the rockslide happened. Could it be from Cart Surfing crashes. Could be aliens or cotton candy. No way to tell." Hmm... aliens or cotton candy? I think that's a tip that Club Penguin gave us...

Remember on the "What's New" blog, Billybob said that Yeti Caves are coming? Does "aliens or cotton candy" refer to the Yetis? That does sound convincing...

On page A6, they talk even more about the Underground, and it's history! Club Penguin says that they don't even know who dug up the underground rooms! Do you think a penguin owns the underground, and will reveal himself, just like the Sensei revealed to us that he owns the Dojo?

This week's In Focus, is the game Aqua Grabber. If you like taking a dip in the Aqua Grabber and exploring marine places in Club Penguin, this article is for you!

This issue of the newspaper is running a lot of questions through my head... I wonder what they are trying to tell us about the Underground.

Strange activity in Underground Mine report #1
Strange activity in Underground Mine report #2
Strange activity in Underground Mine report #3



  1. Hey. If you look on B1/B4, it's the squid!

    But it's a bit old, there's even a card-jitsu card of it, but still. It's one of the figures from the picture!

    If this is it, it's only the Puffle left. Maybe it's a new colour?

    That'll be SO cool.

  2. I think that i have some more info on the rockslaide and herberts plans. on the last mission so far, waddle squad, at the end g found a packet of seeds that herbert dropped! i think that that might be a clue!


  3. OH EM GEE!! I just realized that i sent a e-mail to CP a few months back telling them they sould make a brown puffle that DIGS! and in the news paper it says, "who, or what, dug the underground mine?" so i was thinking that my brown puffle idea was thought about and they decided to make it in the mine!!!!!

  4. that would be cool but if thats it what would herbert be doing with all of this???and what is the squid doing??ugh!!!!!!this is so CONFUSING!!!!(in the fun way)

  5. duhh yes it is a new puffle the orange one look at jmann93's site if u want proof!!