Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Club Penguin "You Decide"!

In a few months there's going to be a brand new Penguin Play Awards Show! Club Penguin is saying this year's Award Show is gonna turn the island into an event to remember.

Just like last year, you'll be voting on 5 plays in 5 different categories. Right now, Club Penguin wants to know which plays you want to vote on!

One NEW play will be included - Choose your favorite from last year's new plays:

Click Here to vote.

Four of the following will be chosen for this year's Penguin Play Awards. Vote on your favorite RETURN play from last year.

Click Here to vote.

I think the Penguin Play Awards will begin shortly after the Fairy Fables play, which comes out January 8.



  1. :| you got the pictures switched.

  2. Hey Cena I was sending a friend a postcard on cp and it glitched so when i went to the best friends for life card it had the picture of the christmas tree on top of it thats so mest up!!!!!