Saturday, January 2, 2010

Why Club Penguin Wasn't Working...

As you know, the clothing catalog, new pin, and fireworks where not being released on Club Penguin. We reported this problem yesterday, Click Here to read the report.

But now, we have finally got in contact with Club Penguin and found out why they haven't updated. The Club Penguin hotline was closed New Years day, but today it is reopen.

We asked them why the catalog hasn't been updated yet and they said:

"There is a small issue in the catalog, the team has held it's release a bit longer so they can fix it"
This means Club Penguin was facing a MAJOR issue with their servers. They couldn't update, or upload ANYTHING.

Not positive, but we believe the Club Penguin hotline is also facing some malfunction. As we where on the line, we could barely hear anything. It might be just our phone problem, or Club Penguins - we don't know.



  1. Finally CP Updated Nice Post Cena!

  2. well i was starting to click the puffle and the dizzy hair doo came up im like wow!