Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cena12121 Gives a Club Penguin Puffle Party 2010 Tour!

If you haven't noticed, at the 2010 Puffle Party, each colored puffle gets their own room! Here's a listing for every puffle room, and where it's located.

The yellow puffle's room is located at the Light House! In here you can do lots of activities. You can watch a yellow puffle play, watch a yellow puffle make a sculpture, and even let a yellow puffle make a painting of you!

The newest edition to the Puffle Party is the white puffle room! It's located at the Underground Mine. Here, you can watch white puffles ice skate.

The red puffle room is located at the Cove. It's mainly a pirate themed room; with red puffles being blowed out of a cannon and red puffles wearing pirate hats.

If your ready to groove, go to the Night Club; that's where you'll find the purple puffle room! Enjoying dances with the puffle puffles, they got some serious dance moves.

The pink puffle room is at the Ice Berg. Here, you'll see pink puffles jump roping, jumping, and even snorkeling!

The green puffle room is located at the Light House Beacon. This room is crazy! With green puffles juggling, flying, jumping, and even burping! Haha.

Woah, the blue puffles got a pretty cool room! It's located at the Forest. Here, there's a huge net filled with balls that you could enter!

The coolest room of all, the black puffle room; located at the Underground Pool. Here, there's black puffles skating and chilling. If you close the windows, you might even see the black puffles turn on fire!

That's all the puffle rooms! Lets take a look at some other rooms decorated for the Puffle Party...

The Dock:

The Pet Shop:

The Plaza:

The Snow Forts:

The Puffle Feeding room:

The Town:

The Puffle Show room (members only):

The Ski Village:

The Beach:

I like all the rooms, but my favorite puffle rooms are probably the yellow or black puffle area. And my favorite decorated room is either the Beach, or the Dock. What's your favorite room? Are you enjoying the party? Post a comment and let me know!

Click Here, for 2010 Puffle Party cheats.



  1. awesome WE MATCH!!!!! MY FAV ARE THOSE TOO!!

  2. cna i love yellow puffles so the lighthouse is the best and the best decorated room is probably the dock there my favourites.
    p.s club penguin is starting stuff early to try and stop the cheating!
    just my thought

  3. Orange one not really the white one!

  4. i like the iceberg, the beach and the dock! By the way my twitter name is rebecii & i follow you already cena! Also I think the black puffles room is very cool! I hope the orange puffle comes soon!

    Miss Kevina (club penguin username)

  5. clubpenguin Server Sleet Beach

  6. my favorite room is the black puffle room too

  7. You can see the orange puffle at the ski village! If you get 10 people to turn orange there, then the orange puffle will come down on the ski lift!


  9. First and I like the blue or black puddle rooms and my favourite decorated room is the dock

  10. Cool tour cena! i will check everywhere and give other penguins a tour of my own!

  11. my favorite room is the yellow one or the white one

  12. Cena u forgot that if ten or more people change to the coulor orange and go to ski village u will see the orange puffle on the ski lift give me credit

  13. elizabath767 said...
    Cena u forgot that if ten or more people change to the coulor orange and go to ski village u will see the orange puffle on the ski lift give me credit
    Don't ask Cena to give you credit, if he didn't know that he would give you credit then.

  14. I have a question: How do you become a member of T.C.P.C?

    Thanks, I Man 7.