Monday, February 1, 2010

Club Penguin Mission 2 Cheats - "G's Secret Mission" Walkthrough!

Club Penguin Mission 2 Cheats

This is our Club Penguin Missions 2 cheat guide for the "G's Secret Mission." This Mission 2 walkthrough has step-by-step instructions and plenty of pictures to help you solve Mission 2!

Step 1. Click on Gary (blue penguin).

Step 2. Tell him that you want to receive your mission. He’ll now give you a riddle. Click on G again to answer the riddle. Type in the word “mogul” as your answer.

Step 3. Click on the sled and add it into your inventory.

Step 4. Go to the Ski Mountain. Take the sled out of your inventory and place it in the “Test Run” track.

Step 5. Play the sled game, eventually, you will crash and land in the wilderness.

Step 6. Click on the rope and add it into your inventory.

Step 7. Click on the Survival Guide and add it into your inventory.

Step 8. Enter the pathway that’s on the left.

Step 9. Click on the ‘O’ Berry Bush and add 3 ‘O’ Berries into your inventory.

Step 10. Go a little bit to the right and click the tree to shake out the pot.

Step 11. Add the pot to your inventory.

Step 12. Click on the center pathway.

Step 13. Click on the puffles.

Step 14. Take one ‘O’ Berry out of your inventory and feed it to the Black Puffle.

Step 15. Enter the left pathway.

Step 16. Add the blue ski into your inventory.

Step 17. In your inventory, combine the blue ski, the rope, and one ‘O’ Berry together to make a fishing rod.

Step 18. Enter the right pathway.

Step 19. Enter the right pathway.

Step 20. Enter the pathway leading to the river.

Step 21. Put the wood log into your inventory.

Step 22. Go all the way to the left, close to the river.

Step 23. Click on your fishing rod and place it in the river.

Step 24. Add the fish to your inventory.

Step 25. Take the pot out of your inventory and place it in the river.

Step 26. Now, place it back into your inventory.

Step 27. Take the pathway leading to the cave.

Step 28. Click on the bushes.

Step 29. Enter the cave. Go all the way to the right of the cave.

Step 30. Click on any rock.

Step 31. Place the wooden log onto your fire pit.

Step 32. Place the Survivor Guide book onto your fire pit.

Step 33. Take out a ‘O’ Berry from your inventory and feed it to the Black Puffle.

Step 34. You’ve now started a fire! Take the fish out of your inventory and place it onto the fire.

Step 35. Once it’s done cooking, click on it to eat it.

Step 36. Place the pot of water onto the fire. Once it’s done boiling, click on it to drink it.

Step 37. You’ll now fall asleep. You will walk up because of a sound. Go outside. Click on the red secret agent.

Step 38. Talk to him and let him rescue you. He will take you to Gary. Click on Gary and talk to him.

Congratulations, you’ve finished Mission 2, “G’s Secret Mission”! Take your medal and your letter.

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  1. where dod you get the fishing rod?

    1. READ step 6,16,17 anonymous .

    2. on mine when i put the fishing rod it said you need a bait

  2. where do you get the rope??????????

  3. thank you so much mission 2 has stumped me for the longest time your the first person thats advice works <3

  4. This advice really does work !! (: ♥

  5. did anyone see that u could keep going after the cave

  6. woohoo i completed the mission

  7. Yeah well done

  8. this was an awesome mission this advice really did work

  9. This was great. Thanks dude

  10. it saying i need bait

  11. I need bait for it what the bait??

  12. the o berries are the bait

  13. stiil dont get it but how do u get all of the logs????????????????

    1. search a video of the mission then

  14. on mission 3 I can't do anything, I can't restart it or move or do anything, what am I doing wrong?

  15. I forgot to get water. xD then I began to wonder that if I left to get more a water a bear might come.. I also thought that a bear or something was going to be in the cave. Anyways, thanks! This helped a lot!!

    1. where did you find the cup so you could find water

  16. Too bad you cant play this missions anymore. I don't like the new Club Penguin i really miss the old one. Please Cena if this is the original homepage for club penguin convince them that no one likes the new club penguin

    1. You can still play these missions just go to everday phone center

  17. how do you shake the tree

  18. pls don't shut down club penguin i like it

  19. for anyone wanting to do this mission, search club penguin rewritten. its the old version with the EPF and everything. A little sketchy still but awesome ;) yr welcome