Friday, February 12, 2010

Orange Puffle Found In New Club Penguin Video!

Back in 2009, Club Penguin made a puffle video. You can view it here. In the video, the white puffle was spotted before he was on Club Penguin. Read the full story, click here.

Club Penguin has now upgraded this puffle video. They updated the clothes for the penguins, added a new ending, and the biggest - you can spot the ORANGE PUFFLE in this new video!

If you didn't see him for yourself, here's how he looked liked.

Yes, this means the orange puffle is coming to Club Penguin! The long wait is over!

The orange puffle was also spotted in the Box Dimension room, cick here to read more.



  1. Remember how Herbert wanted puffles for his next evil scheme?? well maybe Herbert is gonna use those orange puffles for something!

  2. Cena,

    That's a great video. I can't wait to get the orange puffle.


  3. yey this means the puffle after the orange puffle is the brown puffle because if yu goto the event section of the news theres a brown letter

  4. I think they just changed the clothes of the penguins and just changed the color of the white puffle to orange 'cause dere lazy

  5. i stopped it at 1 31 and saw the puffle

  6. i stopped it at 1 31 and saw the puffle