Thursday, February 18, 2010

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2010 Cheats!

The Club Penguin 2010 Puffle Party has begun! It's crazy awesome! Here's the free item cheats.

To find the Puffle Hat:

Step 1. Open your map and go to the Plaza.
Step 2. Click on the free Puffle Hat box.

To find the Puffle Jacket:

Step 1. Open your map and go to the Ski Village.
Step 2. Enter the Puffle Show room.
Step 3. Click on the free Puffle Jacket box.

This year, Club Penguin has added a new members only room to the Puffle Party. To enter it, go to the Ski Village.

Here, your puffles can interact with different stations! Here's how to make your puffle play at the Puffle Show room.

Step 1. Go to your igloo.
Step 2. Click on your puffle and take it out for a walk.
Step 3. Go back to the Puffle Show room.
Step 4. With your puffle, walk up to any station. Your puffle will now be playing!

At the Puffle Snow room, there are three stations. The first station is a puffle race!

With your puffle, go up to the "Start" sign, and see if your puffle is the fastest!

The other station is "Judging Station". With your puffle, go up to the Judging Station, and your puffle will be able to judge the Puffle Race!

The final station is "Puffle Grooming" area! With your puffle, go up to the Puffle Grooming station and give your puffle a new hair-do!

There's also another party room! This one's availble to members and non-members! It's the Puffle Feeding game. To enter it, go to the Snow Forts.

Are your puffles enjoying themselves at the party?! What's your favorite room? Make sure to post a comment and tell me what your doing at the Puffle Party. I'll try to throw some parties on Club Penguin before it ends. ;-D



  1. can you please tell me how you make your template?

  2. awesome cna i used ur cheats to do all these thing tnxs

  3. ok! If I did a BEST famous Penguin's site Of the month, I would pick urs!! U HAVE AWESOMMMEMEEEE CHEEAATTTZZZZZZZZ

  4. My favorite place of the puffle party is the training place? im not sure if its called that lol. anyways i like your pictures cena! I Will always comment on every new post!

  5. if there is a puffle party well wouldnt rockhopper be there

  6. Cool Cena, I wished to be a member to enter the puffle show room, Lucky You!! You Blog ROCKS!!

  7. I forgot, my fav room is the Black puffle Room. It's Awesome!

  8. There is a ball pit in the forest plz give me credit! :)

  9. my favorite room is the black puffle room and i hope you have a party soon

  10. There is a ball pit in the forest plz give me credit! :)

  11. I'm not a member so i can't do the rest of the steps

  12. my favorite room is the one and only yellow puffle and my friend always habg out there

  13. What happened?! The servers are wiped clean! All my stuff is gone! Everyone's stuff is gone!

  14. Hmmm..... I like the yellow puffle place.... The lighthouse,lol.

    Only if there was a brown puffle :') Oh what joy. I also like the beach BUT WE NEED BROWN

  15. why don`t you make a puffle party at your iggy?

  16. hey penguin cppowerwarriors are growning fast but we need more troops
    please join quick
    click on my name

  17. your help decorate my igloo a lot i always that i was missing soething so i wen to goggle cp cheats catlog no site was a good as your thast why i had it to my favs thanks a lot o and do u like this face +(-_-t)it poting the middel finger so u like it

  18. cENA Y DONT U POST MORE CHEATS FOR US? i LOVE UR Website and I want u to post more things on here please try to post some more I love your website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Peeps,first off,this is PHONY!I went to the 2010 puffle party and it was NOTHING like this.Plus,i'm a member so I would know.Just to let ya know peeps!chow!

  20. Man that was cool so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)