Monday, February 8, 2010

Exclusive Pictures of Club Penguin Winter Carnival Party in Quebec, Canada!

Remember my post about Club Penguin attending the Carnival? Well, the 'Carnival' is a giant winter celebration in Quebec, Canada that happens from January 29 to February 14. This year, Cub Penguin has their own section at the Winter Carnival. Cool?!

My friend Matthew722 actually attended the Carnival! He just came back with some never before seen pictures of the Carnival, and you can see them only here! Lets take a look together!

At the Carnival, they had a life-sized igloo that you could enter!

At the top of the igloo, there was a very special Club Penguin flag!

Remember when we had to vote for our favorite sculpture that was going to be made live during the Carnival live? Well, the "Rocker" won the vote! Here's how he looked on paper...

... and here's how it looks like sculpted!

This is a picture of Aunt Arctic reading a newspaper!

And here's the same picture of Aunt Arctic at night!

Can you recognize this penguin? IT'S DJ CADENCE!

Lastly, they had a sculpture of Rockhopper!

Thanks Matthew722! That trip must of been a blast! There was also more sculptures at the party. They even had computers at the Carnival so kids could play Club Penguin. Did anyone else here go? If you did, make sure to send us pictures!

It seems as if Club Penguin is hosting more and more parties in the real world! Like the New York Times Square party, and the party at ZSL London Zoo.



  1. cna that is awesome thnxs mathew

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  3. Woah, that's awesome! Thanks for those Cena, and also thanks to Matthew722!!! :D

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