Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Club Penguin Newspaper Delayed!

On Tuesday, Club Penguin updated their servers to make them run faster. Though, the Club Penguin team has run into some problems. They're not going to be able to release the Club Penguin Times newspaper when it normally comes out, which is Thursday.

Club Penguin has informed us that they're working really hard to fix this problem and appreciate your patience.

Looks like the newspaper isn't going to come out anytime soon. I hope the new play doesn't get delayed too! :-/



  1. I Am your Biggest Fan Please Become
    my friend on club penguin.The server
    is North Pole 5:30PM P.S.T. on the ice berg.

    ~Rocky Hop R

    P.S.I am lime green With a green propeller Hat.

  2. in newspaper issue 225 go to the page with the babboo forest advertisement you will see a penguin hiding behind a piece of bamboo to the far left you will see a tail please add as a head line give credit to Aaron1r2 please

  3. It's out Cena! Ugh! Post it!!!!!

    -I M SM R TER TH N C NA :D