Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Club Penguin Newspaper - Issue 227!

Club Penguin has just release the new issue of the Penguin Times newspaper, issue #227.

On page A2, they talk about the Puffle Party and all the cool things that's going to be happening.

On page A4, they talk about a mysterious puffle... you know who that got to be, the orange puffle! To read more about the orange puffle, click here.

This weeks "In Focus" (page B1), they talk about all kinds of different puffles, their talents, and their history. If your a puffle lover, you got to read it!

Upcoming Events:

February 19-25 - Puffle Party!
February 19 - New Better Igloos catalog.
February 19 - New Igloo Upgrades catalog.
Febryary 26 - New igloo music.



  1. cool cna cant wait for orange puffle

  2. This weeks newspaper is awesome! i cant wait for the orange puffle to come on friday! Cena, how do you know that the orange puffle is going to be at the pet shop on Friday?

  3. hey penguins cppowerwarriors need more troops fast
    we are getting big
    please join
    click on my name

  4. you can see the orange pulffle on ski lift on the Club Penguin Times, the 227th on page A4

  5. hey cena its crazy jus sayin hi and are you gonna tart your chat back up?
    ps the newpapers aawesomezzz