Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Club Penguin Reviewed By You!

Last week, Club Penguin wanted to know what was your favorite part of the Cave Expedition. Their favorite comment was by Clarnico 999. They said...

WOW! The mine and the new caves ROCK! I especially like the cave full of treasure, with the glittering pool of water. And then it leads to an AMAZING watery kingdom. Its the perfect place for divers, mermaids and merpenguins, cave penguins or I've even spotted a few pirates looking for treasure! Its great fun for everyone!

Thanks, Clarnico 999!

Here's the new Reviewed By You question:

Lot's of cool upcoming events are planned for this month! Club Penguin wants to know what you're most excited for! Is it the Puffle party, the brand new stage, one of the catalogs or something else?

To answer this Reviewed By You question, Click Here.


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