Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Club Penguin Reviewed by You!

Last week, Club Penguin wanted to know what sports you and your friends like playing most around the island. Their favorite comment was by Wurmpul. They said...
I play sports with all my buddies we do soccer,ice hockey,football, and sometimes basketball mostly our teams our red and blue but sometimes we go crazy using green and black. When we get tired we go to my igloo for some penguinade then jump right back up for some more.
Thanks, Wurmpul!

Here's the new Reviewed By You question:

What's your favorite thing to do when Rockhopper's around? Do you like buying stuff from Rockhopper's Rare Items, playing Treasure Hunt, or something else?

To answer this Reviewed By You question, Click Here.

-Cena12121, www.TeamClubPenguinCheats.blogspot.com

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