Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Club Penguin "Secrets of the Bamboo Forest" Play Cheats!

The new play, "Secrets of the Bamboo Forest", has arrived at the stage!

Awesome play, one of the bests that I've ever seen! There's even a hidden background at the play, here's how to find it.

Step 1. Get the new Feather Pin. It's located at the Light House Beacon.

Step 2. Go to the stage. Stand on this brick pictured below.

Step 3. A bridge will now open. Go to the other side.

Step 4. Stand on the brick pictured below.

Step 5. Now, the background will come out of the ground!

Click on the background to get it. Here's how it looks like.

What's your favorite part of the new play? Is it the costumes, the sketch, or the set? Post a comment and tell me!

Click Here, for the new Costume Trunk catalog cheats!



  1. it dose not work i stand on it and it dose not work

  2. My favorite part is the dog costume.When you sit down wearing it all you become a statue!=)

  3. it doesnt work cause you dont have the pin

  4. This is from like 6 months ago!

  5. Those cheats are cool