Saturday, February 13, 2010

Orange Puffle Found in the Cuckoo Clock!

Every half an hour, and every hour, the orange puffle pops out of the Cuckoo Clock at the Ski Lodge!

Go take a look for yourself! I can't believe the orange puffle in coming to Club Penguin! When do you think we'll be able to buy him?

Other orange puffle sightings:

- Orange puffle found in CLub Penguin's puffle video! Click here to read more.
- Orange puffle spotted in the Box Dimension room, cick here to read more.



  1. It Doesn't Really Matter For Non*Members- Which I Am- Because The Only Free Puffles Are The Blue One And The Red One. And IF The Orange Puffle Is For Free, Some Non*Members STILL "Can Not Buy It" Because 94% Of ClubPenguin Non*Members Already Have Two Puffles. And If You Do Want The Orange Puffle You Would Have To Make One Of Your Old Puffles Die.
    So What Am Trying To Say Is That This Post Is VERY Useful For Clubpenguin Members. Not For Non*Members.And You Will Also Get Alot Of CLUBPENGUIN MEMBERS Saying Nice Post!"


  2. Yes!!!!!!ive always wanted one!!!!!!!!and cena you spelled bye wrong.the way you do it is buy.thats the right way for how your useing it

  3. well I saw it at the ski village on the ski lift