Monday, March 1, 2010

Club Penguin March Events: Penguin Play Awards, Rockhopper, and NEW GAME!

March has arrived, and Club Penguin has a lot planned for us! Starting this week we'll be preparing for the Penguin Play Awards. For those who didn't make it last year, it's a huge event where everyone votes for their favorite Stage plays from 2009. Here's a sneak peek.

The Penguin Play awards will begin March 19.

Rockhopper has been spotted in the telescope at the Beacon; Click here to read more about that story. That means he'll be arriving sometime this week, or next week!

A big surprise is coming your way... this month, Club Penguin's releasing a brand new game! They didn't tell us much about it, but they said "you'll need to be quick... and ready to come to the rescue..." I wonder what that means.

Pretty cool stuff! Though, what about the new mission? Isn't time for it to come? Post a comment and let me know.



  1. maybe its avalanche rescue or something.

  2. im all prettied up on cp! Im Maggiye on clubpenguin aka cp!

  3. i love tha play awards! my favorite time of the year!

  4. i am ready for the penguin play awards! Waddle on CP!

  5. This is always awesome! My cp name is Cutiegirl384 or Penny Smalls!