Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Club Penguin Better Igloos Catalog Cheats: March-April 2010 Issue Cheats!

Here's the new hidden item cheats for the March - April 2010 Better Igloos catalog!

To find the Clover Balloon:

1. Go to page 1.
2. Click on the Tree Stump.

To find the Clover Garland:

1. Go to page 2.
2. Click on the Wishing Well.

To find the Blue Lamp:

1. Go to page 4.
2. Click on the Mailbox.

To find the Snowboard Rack:

1. Go to page 8.
2. Click on the Ski Rack.

To find the Portal Box:

1. Go to page 9.
2. Click on the Stone Couch.

To find the HD TV:

1. Go to page 10.
2. Click on the Stone Lamp.


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