Monday, March 29, 2010

Penguin Play Awards 2010 Results Cheats - Quest for the Golden Puffle Dominates!

The Penguin Play Awards 2010 results are in! Go to the Plaza and click on the voting booth to see the winning plays.

And the results are...

WOW! Quest for the Golden Puffle play dominated the other plays!

Quest for the Golden Puffle won for best play, best music, best effects, and best set!

Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal play won for best costumes.

I didn't expect Quest for the Golden Puffle to win that much - AT ALL! I guess a lot of ya'll liked it!

What play did you vote for? Did it win? Post a comment below and let me know!

Quest for the Golden Puffle is now playing in the stage - click here for cheats!



  1. Man!why did that have to win AGIAN.i never really liked that play.i like the one with shawdow guy and gamma gal.

  2. Dang I Like underwater adeventure and my cuz Want Justin Bieber hair

  3. Ruby And The Ruby. I loved that play! Waddle on Cp!

  4. Why?!this is going to be torture for the third time straight!I loved the underwater adventure!