Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Club Penguin Earth Day 2010 Party Cheats!

The 2010 Earth Day party has started on Club Penguin!

To find the free Straw Gardening Hat:

Step 1. Open your map and go to the Mine Shack.
Step 2. Click on the Straw Gardening Hats' box.

Put the Straw Gardening Hat on your penguin, then dance to sprinkle water!

...AND THERE'S A NEW ROOM! It's the Recycling Plant. To enter it, you'll need to solve a recycling scavenger hunt! Here is where all the items are located, and Recycling Hunt cheats!

First off, to keep track of your progress, you can click the blue box button in the upper right corner.

To find the first item, the coffee cup, go to the Coffee Shop and click on the upside-down cup.

To find the second item, the Puffle O's box, go to the Pet Shop and click on the falling over box.

To find the third item, the barrel, go to the Cove and click on it.

To find the fourth item, the Hot Sauce bottle, go to the Dojo Courtyard and click on it.

To find the fifth item, the coffee bag, go to the Book Room and click on it.

To find the sixth item, the newspaper, go to the Forest and click on it.

To find the seventh item, the pizza box, go to the Ski Village and click on it (Thanks A11766 for the correction).

To find the eighth item, the water barrel, go to the Mine Shack and click on it.

Congratulations! You've found all of the items. Click on the blue box button and click "Claim Prize" to get your prize.

You've won a Recycle Pin. You can now enter the Recycling Plant!



  1. Wow!!!! Thanks Cena1212, your site rocks. And also thx for the Recycle Hunt wlkthru!!!!!!!

  2. So Club Penguin is going green, but they CUT DOWN TREES to make a path from the Forest to the Mine Shack! That is the opposite of green!

  3. LOL!!!!!!!that one tree in the very courner if you look at the top of it it has a smily face! XD

  4. WOW THAT REALLY HELPED!!!!!!! i dont like looking for things when im sleepy at 9:00 o'clock so thanx! I have been kinda bored of ur outfit. (no offense) So I thought u could have like a vote if u should have a new outfit! You could have like somethings fancy idk. =D sorry if I offended u lol( its Joshua but this freakin' thing wont let me in it thinks my password is wrong when its not)

  5. Your welcome Andrey. :-D


  6. Cena thats ok ;-)

    Glad to be of help