Monday, April 12, 2010

Club Penguin Sneak Peeks for "Herbert's Revenge" DS Game, NOT Mission 11!

As you know, I posted about my exclusive sneak peek for the "mission 11" room that BillyBob sent me. Click here if you missed that post.

We thought it was about the new mission. Now, I'm having second thoughts...

I believe that the sneak peek is a picture of the new "Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge" DS game!

Why so? Because on the What's New blog, BillyBob posted a picture of a Herbert's Revenge DS game sneak peek.

Well, that picture matched with my friends picture, Lux1200, that BillyBob sent him too. He sent him this sneak peek.

Put those two pictures together and...

They pictures match! So the sneak peak that he sent me is for the new DS game, not mission 11! Rememba, the new Herbert's Revenge DS game is coming out sometime next month.

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  1. i think that your sneek peek and the others that connect to it are mission 11 and these ones are for the game, since there are two different layouts...
    from sorcerersean

  2. hi cena, i am mr cool fbi i will take your rockin banner but you should take my fan banner

  3. hey cena its Flippy15798..... ur #1 fan (teehee) but the question is... why does billybob give you all theese sneek peak if he works for cp.... i thort ppl that work at cp doesnt like cp cheats so why is that?

    from Flippy15798 ur #1 fan

  4. I got it, and it is on both of them. On the DS game you have to do some of the Missions made online, including the new one. ;)