Sunday, April 18, 2010

Herbert's Cave House Revealed!

You've seen my exclusive sneak peek of the Herbert's Revenge DS game. Click here if you missed that post.

It turns out that BillyBob has sent some other bloggers sneak peeks too... and we thought, "What if we fit these pictures together?"

We tried, and they matched! LOOKS LIKE IT'S HEBERT'S CAVE! My friend Jmann93 connected the pictures into this picture.

That's not all the sneak peeks that seem to match. I found some more...

Ruben007's picture matches with Pin Wii's picture.

Lebron Jr 23's picture matches with Monkeydude and Jeepkid7's picture.

Lux1200's picture matches with BillyBob's sneak peek.

COOL, RIGHT?! I wonder if we can find some more pictures, and then connect them all together! I can't wait till the "Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge" DS game. Remember, the pictures above are Herbert's cave from the game!

Thanks Chrisdog93, Jmann93, Lebron Jr 23, Lux1200, Mimo777, Monkeydude and Jeepkid7, Pin Wii, Ruben007 and Saraapril


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