Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Club Penguin Frog Pin Cheat | New Frog Pin in Club Penguin Cheat

There's a new pin in Club Penguin! It's a Frog pin.

To find the Frog pin:

Step 1. Open your map and go to the Dock.
Step 2. Find and click on the Frog pin.



  1. Be my first follower please at Marie's blog!
    Oh! I almost frogot! Thanks for the cheat!

  2. awesome thanks cena12121 i was looking everywhere for the pin!

  3. Woah! It may be for Mission 11, or, look at the small trees! And the bags of seeds! Maybe even for the earth day party!!! Thanks Billybob!
    Waddle on cp!

  4. Hello MarieMMC and Dobby,

    Your welcome, I'm glad that I helped you. Come back any time if you need Club Penguin help. ;-)


  5. I saw you while you were taking the pic, but you didn't add me :(

    [Server: North Pole]