Monday, May 3, 2010

Club Penguin Medieval Party 2010 Sneak Peek

That's a sneak peek for this year's 2010 Medieval Party! It looks like a new edition...

I'm thinking it's the Medieval quest, cause it looks like no room that I know of.



  1. I found a cool exclusive item sneak peek! check it out on my blog! Also, Club Penguin says there will be TWO member quests this year! Cool huh? i hope we get to tame dragons!

  2. I personaly think this is what the fire ninja hideout room will be like.Its on a volcanoe, so is the fire ninja, and this is new like the fire ninja hideout.

  3. I think it could be the volcano where Fire Ninjas battle, right?

  4. it could be the fire ninja place. idk.

  5. Victoria JusticeMay 4, 2010 at 9:04 PM

    Club Penguin is cool! I wish the medevil thing was here today!!

    Go Green Everyone!!

    -Victoria Justice

    Please watch Victorious!! I play as Tori Vega!

  6. WOW Victoria Do you play Club Penguin if you do go on shiver pizza paplor im red fire8484 add me