Monday, May 10, 2010

Club Penguin Mission 11 Name Released!

Today, BillyBob released the name for the new Mission 11 on the What's New blog! And the Mission 11 name is...

"The Veggie Villain"!

LOL, the "Veggie Villain"?! Scary... NOT! xD

On a serous note, I can't wait for Mission 11, The Veggie Villain, to come out! It gets released next week, on May 18!

And of-course, we'll have a step-by-step cheat guide!



  1. Hahaha. That's kinda funny.

  2. A year since they last released a mission. A year.

    Is it me, or does the CP team seem to be getting lazier?

  3. Cena if u guys noticed that the end of misson 10 hebert lefta package of GREEN SEEDS which is made to crow veggies x] sharp eye..

  4. I thought BillyBob said the squid will be in it. Didn't he? And wasn't the name supposed to be Mystery of the Orange Puffle? You can check out my blog at Cheats with Frogger 13.

  5. Hey Cena! You forgot a new postcard. It is on the first page of the mail.

  6. its NOT scarey you baby! lol jk

  7. Angry Penguin Is Lazy!May 13, 2010 at 10:24 PM

    @Angry Penguin No they are not lazy! If you had a blog I'd bet you would be lazy to post anything!

    :-P xD

  8. what is that for
    online or on game

  9. Hello Asa0000,

    The mission "Veggie Villain" is for the online secret agent missions, found at the HQ.

    To do this mission, you'll need to be a secret agent on Club Penguin.

    Click here, for more Mission 11 news.

    Click here, for Mission 1-10 walk-throughs.

    Click here, to become a Secret Agent.