Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Club Penguin Secret Agent HQ Construction!

Construction has begun at the Ski Village for the new Secret Agent HQ!

But, the Sports Shop has closed!

Eh, it was kinda use less anyway... and the Sports catalog update like 3 times a year.

If your a sports dude, have no worries. The Sports catalog will be moved over to the Ice Rink which is soon to be the Soccer Pitch.

If you wanna help out at the Ski Village, pick up a free construction hat.

Look what I found; It's the E.P.F. logo at the Ski Village!

So here's what I think so far. The Penguin Secret Agency not going to come back because it's cover was blown out to the whole island. The Elite Penguin Force will become the new P.S.A.

Not only that, but there's going to be a new Spy Phone! Click here, to see the exclusive photo!

-Cena12121, www.TeamClubPenguinCheats.blogspot.com


  1. That "E.P.F. logo" is going to be the shape of the new sign for the sports shop's future: a phone company.

  2. no maybe the sports shop will be dug up and theres gonna be a massive headquaters and a mini shop of laughter

  3. Cena,

    If you wait for a while, the crane lifts a phone!!! Maybe if there is a new shop there it will be to do with phones?!?!


  4. from pirate cody

    I have the new DS game. and its beeing turned in to a phone service.