Thursday, May 27, 2010

Club Penguin Snow and Sports Catalog May 2010 Cheats!

There's a new Snow and Sports catalog at the Stadium!... and I'm kinda disappointed. Why? Because this is the same catalog from May 2009.

Anyway, there's the hidden item cheat for the May 2010 Snow and Sports catalog.

To find the Green Soccer Jersey:

Step 1: Go to page 1.
Step 2: Click on the flying soccer ball.

That's all the hidden item cheats, yes only one. :-/

For more Club Penguin catalog cheats, click here.



  1. When you buy Banch it will say ''This item is not currently available''!

  2. Cena
    can you put the new music list and new membership screen in the member ship section on your blog please! Every other blog i look at (apart from mine) has forgotten them!


  3. Hello Anonymous,

    Yes! I've had the same problem buying the Bench too! I used to get the "This item is not currently available" message also.

    But thankfully, this problem has now been fixed by Club Penguin!


  4. do you know if clubpenguin will bring the violin back for the music catalog