Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy77 And Party Planners Talk About the Medieval Party!

Tomorrow, the Medieval Party starts on Club Penguin! Club Penguin producer and moderator, Happy77, talked to some Club Penguin party planners/designers on the upcoming Medieval Party!

Question: Tell us about the Medieval Party styles and costumes!
Answer: Well, we tried to make something for everyone! The knights need armor, the noble need fancy threads, and there's something special for those who are really adventurous.

Question: Everyone's been talking about a new member quest - please tell us a secret!
Answer: Hmmm. I can't give it all away, but I'll tell you that there's a cavern full of hot sauce, and a creature who breathes fire... You and your friends will be challenged!

Question: Where are some of the places at the party you can't wait to see this year - and the stuff you can't wait to do?
Answer: For sure we'll be checking out the Pizza Parlor, the Tree Forts, the Lounge that's decorated with thrones, and the castle at the top of the mountain... but we're really stoked to hear what everyone's the most excited about so let us know.


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  1. Hey Cena, just to give you a heads up, I wanted to let you know that the maze at the Pool, I know the directions!! Here are the directions:







    There ya go Cena hope this works for you!