Friday, May 7, 2010

Club Penguin Medieval Party 2010 Cheats - Medieval Party Knight's Quests Cheats

The 2010 Medieval Party has started on Club Penguin! Here's how to find the free items, and to complete the Knight's Quests!

To find the free Wizard Hat:

Step 1. Go to the Beach.
Step 2. Enter the Light House.
Step 3. Click on the Wizard Hat.

Knight's Quests Cheats!

There are special Medieval party quests for members! Go to the Underground Pool to start them. Choose which quest you want to do; Knight's Quests 1 or Knight's Quests 2.

Knight's Quests 1 Cheats / Instructions:

Challenge #1: Go to every orb and stand on the platform to light up the orbs. After your done, a gate will open for Challenge #2.

Challenge #2: Hit 50 targets to open the gate for Challenge #3.

Make sure get the free Staff and Shield!

Challenge #3: Get the Iron Helmet...

...then do the maze. Here's the directions for the maze.

From the starting room (room with the Iron Helmet), go...

1. Go Down
2. Go Left
3. Go Down
4. Go Right
5. Go Right
6. Go Up

You now have finished the first Knight's Quests!...

....Get your final free item, the Iron Armor!

Knight's Quests 2 Cheats / Instructions:

Challenge #1: Throw snowballs at all of the fire torches to open the gate for challenge #2.

Challenge #2: Move the key around the board until it touches the lock. A gate will open for challenge #3.

Once you've entered the new room, get the free Noble Horse, and continue to the next room.

Challenge #3: Fill up the barrel with snowballs until the cannon lights green. Click the green button to spray the dragon. Do this 3 times. Lastly, throw snowballs at the dragon until it stops it's fire.

You've finished the second Knight's Quests!...

...Get your free items, the Dragon's Gold...

...and the Toothbrush pin.

I think the quests are awesome! But, it's kinda unfair how both of them are for members only...

This party really does ROCK! All the rooms are decorated and there's lots to do! What's your favorite room and part of the party? Post a comment and tell me.



  1. Cool. Btw I already made a video on how to do everything on the medevil party first hehe

  2. Please post the instructions! I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't get past the one with the key! HELP ME CENA!

  3. So Cena, what did you think of this year's Medieval Party?

  4. Club Penguin eh? Hmmmm... Since I like computers and electronics I'll try this Club Penguin Game!

    -Nathan Kress

  5. I think the party is SICK!!!! My favorite rooms are either the pet shop or the cove. It's also really kool that Nathan Kress is gonna get a Club Penguin account too. U readin' this Nathan? I hope so. PS If anyone wants to be my buddy my username on CP is the same as my blogger name.

  6. hi nathan i love iCarly your my fave character. if you do get a CP account tell us what your name is, my name is boogyfo so plz add me. ICARLY ROCKS and club penguin.

  7. i finished both but when I picked up the dragon gold it wouldn't give me it

  8. now i found out that the dragon gold is a furni item, i kept getting it so nowmy igloo looks llike a ware house (IN ROCKHOPPERS SHIP!!!)

  9. How do you get little clips on your site like when you were throwing snowballs at the torch held by the jester?