Monday, June 28, 2010

Club Penguin Hidden Lake Easy Access!

Club Penguin has added a new entrance for the Hidden Lake room!

Just go to the Forest and click on the big rock.

And wha-la! You're in the Hidden Lake!

Thanks Club Penguin for even more easier navigation!

This update is a WIN!



  1. First!
    You could use the stairs on the party...
    I used my Spy Phone to get there...
    Really awesome update!

  2. Pretty sick, Cena12121. I like it, it's so kool. So now if u wanna get to the underwater room u can unlock from Puffle Rescue, u just go to za forest, go into the lake (not so hidden anymore!), & go in. Well, that's if u have the "Moldy Key".

  3. I love this new spot to access the Underwater room. That's one of my favorite rooms(next to the Cove).


    P.S. It's a win in first place! ;)