Thursday, June 10, 2010

Club Penguin Ruby Pin Cheat!

Here's how to find the new Club Penguin Ruby pin! (Note: This pin is only available while the play "Ruby and the Ruby" is showing at the stage).

Step 1. Open your map and go to the Plaza.

Step 2. Enter the Stage.

Step 3. Click on the file cabinet.

Step 4. Click on the trash can.

Step 5. Click on the book.

Step 6. Click on the vase.

Step 7. Click on the painting.

Step 8. After the painting drops, click on the safe.

Step 9. Click on the Ruby pin!

You've now found the Ruby pin!

Click here for more Ruby and the Ruby play cheats!



  1. Thanks for the help Cena! I really enjoyed you giving the guide to me and all of your fans! I'm your #1 Fan!

    -Serafin10 :-D

  2. Awesome Cena your da bomb at cheats how do you find all of them

  3. Cool!!! lots of penguins came up and asked me for it!! i said figure it out! WADDLE ON!!

  4. thanks so much for the guide, it would have taken me days w/o it.

  5. Hey Cena you should say something about the background in the costume trunk

  6. Hey Cena I found a seceret background in the costume trunk.
    Click on the"How do I get coins" thing and move it

  7. Thnaks alot!!! It was so much help. I wouldn't never find this pin without ur help. ;)

  8. Thanks soooooo much Cena!! All ur guides help me alot on missions and how to find pins. I hope to see u on clubpenguin one day. By the way my penguins name is Greendaisy11

  9. Whenever you say that Rockhopper is on a server, server is full!

  10. Thanks for the walk throughs they helped me lots!

  11. i found the ruby pin the walk through really helped me out!!!!!!:)