Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Free Club Penguin Membership Disney Giveaways!

Calling all UK and Ireland penguins! Would you like to win a free Club Penguin membership?! Of course you do! I'm here to tell you how - and only from Cena12121! is giving away five 12 month memberships, ten 6 month memberships, and fifteen 1 month Club Penguin memberships for residents of the United Kingdom (U.K.) and Ireland! AND IT'S SUPPER EASY TO WIN! Here's how:

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Answer this supper hard question... LOL, NOT!

" Who is the editor of the Club Penguin Times?

- Uncle Frosty
- Cousin Snowy
- Aunt Arctic "

The answer is Aunt Arctic of course!

Step 3. After you've answered, click "Submit".

Done! After submitting, you'll need to login to your Disney account, or register for one.

The contest ends on June 13, 2010 and winners will be announced a month after the closing date of the contest. If you want to read Disney's standard rules for online prize draws and competitions, click here.

Thanks Corwo for the tip.



  1. Do you have to live in the UK or Ireland?

    1. yes, curious penguin, if you want a membership YOU HAVE TO LIVE in Ireland or UK. because this website specially created for the Irish and british

  2. Hello Cena ,

    Are there any Free Membership Giveaways in Asia? Cuz i desperately need one !! :-(


  3. thats great, but am I able to enter the comp without being a member of the disney site?????

    thnx btw Cena12121's cheats are the best :D <3

  4. Why is it just for uk and ireland?

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  6. Doubt I'll Win

  7. cna its a waist this quiz thing u know theres gona be a million ppl entering this and only five pp;l will win for a year a few for 6 months and a few for 1 month so the chances are that u will not win

  8. do you have to live in UK and Ireland

  9. lol this is so useful awsome

  10. lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. hi cena im in iceland but we dont get any free membership so can u give me a free membership plz

  12. cena can u plz give me a free membership im in Iceland but in iceland we dont get a free membership :(

  13. Just met u to

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