Saturday, June 12, 2010

We Need Club Penguin's Rockhopper!

The Club Penguin island is throwing a Adventure Party on June 18 (Thanks Sh3haryar for the correction), and we are inviting Captain Rockhopper!

But he's out in sea and isn't aware that he's wanted. So we need all penguins to help us call him! Here's the plan...

Step 1. Light the Flares; Go to the Beach and click on the Flare Flinger 3000.

Step 2. While Rockhopper is in sea, he will spot the flares and then he'll know that he needs to come.

Step 3. Keep checking the telescope at the Beacon to keep a look out for Rockhopper.

Done! That plan should work to get Rockhopper's attention. Once you do spot Rockhopper in the telescope, make sure to come back here and post a comment telling us!



  1. OK I have decided to do a summer kick off and me being 500 days old party on the 14th of June.CENA PLEASE COME. Here are the details……

    Date: 13th June 2010

    Time:12:00 PST

    Server: Sub Zero

    Places:1st my igloo(my penguin name P80228313)

  2. Ill help as much as I can! PS: thanks cena1212 for helping me find aunt arctic!

  3. Wow! That's cool that we can use the flares to signal Rockhopper! Do you like it to Cena? Oh and P80228313 I will come to your party!

  4. Thanks, ceba if you can come I would Love that!! :)

  5. Hi Cena! Please come to my Summer Vacation party. Here is some Info:

    Date: June 21 2010

    Time: 12:00 P.M. Club Penguin Time.

    Server: Shiver

    Room: Dock
    I hope you can make it Cena! I will be taking pictures and posting them on my blog. Also I will be going live on Twit Cam whenever I want to. Lol. :-P Your going to see the real me!

  6. I can not see Rockhopper in from the Beacon. Where is he Ceana?

  7. he is on his way

  8. RockHopper is coming!!!!!!11

  9. Cena can you please come to my party???

    Date:May 3rd 2011

    Time:5:30 PM EASTERN TIME

    Place:My igloo

    Celabrating me becoming 400 days old on Clubpenguin!!!

    My username is Polardude4. PLEASE COME!!!