Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tour Guides Pay Day - Nothing For Agents!

Tour Guides and, only Tour Guides, got their monthly paychecks today! 250 coins had been added to their accounts.

Their next payday will be on July 1st.

But why don't Elite Penguin Force agents get paid anymore? I mean, we are still agents, right?!

C'mon Club Penguin!

-Cena12121, www.TeamClubPenguinCheats.blogspot.com


  1. I think it's a slight "let-down", eh?


  2. Yeah I guess so Cena! Or maybe a bug that they need to squash.

  3. Hey Cena I Found Out Why Psa Dosnt get Paid Its Because PSA Dosent Esist And when you click the M it won let you take the test either!

  4. I guess they'll pay us on the end of the mission!!

  5. Actually, I got paid for being an agent. I think you still get paid if you dont do the new mission

  6. oh new misison june 15 wow

  7. WAT my friend got payed probably because he didnt pass the test yet because it said agents not epf thats making me angry grrrr
    u know thats really mean cp really selfish

  8. hey nothing for agents at least im a tour guide I GOT PAID FOR BEING A AGENT LAST MONTH AGO

  9. I got paid for being a agent and a tour guide and i finished the test and mission 11 so..........I'm really confused.

  10. --Aw. The Secret Agents from the PSA got paid and now the elite penguin force doesn't?
    --At least I'm a tour guide. Take the test to become one I think the answers to the test are on this site